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2024 Vermont State Champions, OMER’s and Ranatra Fusca Awards

Vermont State Tournament Results: Click Here!

OMER’s Award: OMER’s Award may be given to coaches, team members, parents, officials or others who serve as positive examples or role models through their actions and works, or to team members who exhibit exceptional skill, as opposed to creativity.  It is awarded to individuals who exemplify the spirit and philosophy of the Odyssey of the Mind, or to team/team members who exhibit exceptional talent, outstanding sportsmanship, and/or astounding teamwork.

  • Zoe Stazyk , The Mountain School at Winhall, P5 DI, Individual Award

Ranatra Fusca: The Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award is given to a team or individual for demonstrating outstanding creativity. This award embodies all that the Odyssey of the Mind program represents.

  • Given for Long-term Problem “Rocking World Detour”: Burke Town School, P5 DII, Team Award