All coaches — whether new, veteran, or just thinking about it — for Odyssey of the Mind are strongly encouraged to attend one of two possible training sessions for this year’s Odyssey of the Mind program.  It is helpful to hear, or hear again, the foundation of what makes OM the quality creative problem-solving program for which it is known.  Learn what coaches can do, and more importantly, what they cannot do.  Meet and share with a support group of other coaches who have “been there, done that”.

Attend either one of the two training sessions.  Registration is not necessary, but a note sent by email is appreciated (

* October 8, 2016, Mater Christi School, 50 Mansfield Ave., Burlington, 9:00 AM to noon

*  November 5, 2016, Mill River Union High School, 2321 Middle Road, North Clarendon, 9:00 AM to noon